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This project was an attempt at making a narrative game with tidbits of story and a few ideas.


BW's second iteration.


A game idea mostly built after discovering coroutines. Seems like a level is broken in one tile. This will be fixed later.

Mother 3 battle mockup

Goofing around redoing once more a Mother-3 esque battle screen.


A small boat. That's the first sketch with my technique to make clouds.


A small calming scene. I loved to let it run on my desktop while working.

Synthwave surfing

A small sketch a bit too cybre.


A rhythmed scene. I don't remember what inspired me to do this, maybe some sliding triangles.


Oh yeah,that was the sketch that inspired me to make the Slide one. Ronflaix is one of my alternate names, I wanted to make something with sprite rotation.

River side

A weekly sketch. I'm thinking the sky should also have been animated. How about shooting stars?


A weekly sketch. The original version had the wrong depth effect.


A weekly sketch. I wish I made a windmill.


One of my favorites 3D sketches.


The last sketch I did in 2017.


A weekly sketch. Remake of a scene in BW. I wish I finished it.

Nuclear Throne's level vortex

"It's not fair, it's not right, there's no reason to fight." A weekly sketch inspired by Nuclear Throne, a game I enjoyed a lot.

Nuclear Throne's level vortex variant

A variant of the level vortex cart that uses some of the new palette colors.


A weekly sketch. Fun fact : the first version had the wind going in the opposite direction. Did you know I'm bad at making stuff that moves in the right direction?


A weekly sketch. Fun fact : the previous version had a eye monster instead of the facing character. It felt too outlandish from the scene.

Low-poly Feisar ship

I'm a fan of the Wipeout series. I did a custom low-poly version of HD's Feisar and rolled with it. Fun fact: the gauges are CPU and memory usage gauges.

That chicken

"I regret nothing."


An inside joke among friends.


One half of a video involving this and a vaporvawe of "Running in the 90s".

Spinning coyote

The legend. Now on Pico-8


Status: -OK-


Pico8 Advent Calendar 2019 submission. A rhythm game to wrap gifts for Santa!

Rotoscale demo

I redid my first cart 5 years later. Now it runs at 30 FPS.