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River side

A weekly sketch. I'm thinking the sky should also have been animated. How about shooting stars?


A weekly sketch. The original version had the wrong depth effect.


A weekly sketch. I wish I made a windmill.


One of my favorites 3D sketches.


A weekly sketch. Remake of a scene in BW. I wish I finished it.

Nuclear Throne's level vortex

"It's not fair, it's not right, there's no reason to fight." A weekly sketch inspired by Nuclear Throne, a game I enjoyed a lot.


A weekly sketch. Fun fact : the first version had the wind going in the opposite direction. Did you know I'm bad at making stuff that moves in the right direction?


A weekly sketch. Fun fact : the previous version had a eye monster instead of the facing character. It felt too outlandish from the scene.

Low-poly Feisar ship

I'm a fan of the Wipeout series. I did a custom low-poly version of HD's Feisar and rolled with it. Fun fact: the gauges are CPU and memory usage gauges.

That chicken

"I regret nothing."